We're Doomed!

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What is We're Doomed!?

We're doomed! The world is coing to an end! We must act now to survive!!!

You, the most powerful leaders in the world, have only fifteen minutes to build an escape rocket and leave this doomed planet. With limited time to build the rocket, it might not be big enough for everyone. You have to work together. However, in the end, only the most influential survive. Contribute resources to build the rocket, but gain influence to claim a seat… possibly one that someone else built.


  • We're Doomed! is a quick, timed, panic-inducing game
  • Face collaboration ,retaliation, diplomacy, conspiracy, and blowing each other up for fun!
  • Players become world leaders working alongside others to build a starship.
  • Time is short! The goal? Build and be on a starship that escapes a dying world
  • Or betray everyone to ensure your own survival.
  • No seats on the starship are guaranteed.