Vaxcards: Pandemic Box Set

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What is Vaxcards: Pandemic Box Set?

Designed by an Australian Doctor, Vaxcards is a battle style card game designed to integrate with the vaccination schedule for children, adults and travelers.

Players collect and battle infectious disease against each other. Character design and game mechanics are based around the disease symptoms and global health statistics. An innovative low tech solution to disease education and reward for vaccination, Vaxcards is being trialed and used in Schools currently both in Australia and a pilot project in Kenya.


  • The aim of the game is increase uptake of vaccination, to educate children and parents about diseases they are getting vaccinated against and to be used as a tool for parents to reward children nervous of needles.
  • However, the stand alone game is worth playingā€¦ all the global health benefits asideā€¦
  • Vaxcards taps into the hunger for collect-them-all style games in hope to further achieve herd immunity- the concept of population majority being immune to a infectious disease, in turn providing protection to all those in the group.
  • Help Vaxcards go viral! or bacterialā€¦ or protazoalā€¦