Unmatched - Robin Hood vs Big Foot

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Unmatched - Robin Hood vs Big Foot Info

  2 players   20 mins   Ages 9+

  Categories: Card Game, Fantasy, Fighting, Miniatures, Mythology, Novel-based

  Play involves: Action Points, Hand Management, Line of Sight, Point to Point Movement, Take That, Variable Player Powers

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Forest Fight!

Unmatched is a fast-paced game of tactical combat between unlikely opponents. Pick your favorite hero, choose a location, and use your hero’s unique deck and abilities to win the day. You can mix up heroes and maps from any set. Features the innovative art of Oliver Barrett.

Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot includes both of these woodland warriors. Robin Hood fires deadly arrows from afar, stealing cards from his opponents. Bigfoot charges into combat with a wallop before vanishing into thin air.

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