Underwater Cities - New Discoveries

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What is Underwater Cities - New Discoveries?

The Next Frontier – The earth is overpopulated. The colonization of Mars is always four decades away. Only one avenue is open for human expansion: the world under the sea.

Underwater Cities: New Discoveries has a number of modules which are playable as an expansion to Underwater Cities. Individual modules are not completed yet but there are planned to be new cards in each of the eras, new optional personal assistants and cards with starting resources, additional green metropolises, and one big surprise…

New Discoveries offers may new challenge:

  • New asymmetric assistants and staring resource cards help speed up the game
  • 52 new cards to add even more choices
  • New 3-layered player boards upgrade the boards from the base game
  • Plus 4 new double-sided boards
  • The Museum of Underwater Artifacts board offers enticing treasures
  • New Metropolises provide even more variability from game to game