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A cartoon studio where children can create high-quality cartoons quickly and easily, then upload their creations to YouTube and other services instantly. 

This all-new animation studio will capture imagination and expand creativity. Record your Toaster Pets coming to life, give them a voice, and customize everything to make your story unique!

Quick and Easy - It takes only minutes to go from setting up the studio to creating your very own cartoon!

Customizable Characters - Choose from hundreds of props, accessories, and environments to make your cartoons unique and tell an amazing story.

Record Your Voice - Bring your characters to life by talking for them and watch as they mimic your mouth movements. Through our advanced AI, other characters in the cartoon will reacte to the talking character.

Compatibility - Our cartoon studio has bee uniquely designed to support thousands of unique phones and tablets running Android or iOS.

Hours of Entertainment - Imagination is endless! Provide hours of thought-provoking playtime for your children, siblings, or young relatives. 

Sharability - Easily share your cartoons with friends, family, or the world. Start your own content channel online without needing expensive equipment or a team of animators. 

Safety Driven - Our highest priority is keeping your child's identity safe online. Share your cartoons confidently, because, unlike stop-motion or video recording, TP Cartoon Studio doesn't show real images.

STEM Certified - The Toaster Pets Cartoon Studio has been certified by STEM, a prestigious coalition of schools to approve products that enhance the learning experience.

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