Thick Skin - Squad Goals Edition

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What is Thick Skin - Squad Goals Edition?

Your friends like you right...? They love and respect you don't they...?

Be prepared to question your whole life as you're the one nominated to be the most likely to commit deplorable acts, live sexual fantasies and get left for dead.

There are no winners in this game. Just try not to be the worst human being in the group.

How it works:

- Each player chooses a character to play as, and is given a number of cards from each of the other players.

- In each round various awkward and offensive scenarios are put forward.

-  You then anonymously vote for the player who you believe most accurately fits the question/scenario.

- The player with the most points (e.g. the most hated person in the group) wins at the end.

4-8 Players - The better you know them the more it'll hurt.