The Dragon Games

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What is The Dragon Games?

The Dragon Games is a collection of four events all using the specially designed Dragon cards. Each card describes a unique dragon, with a name, colour, gender, age, strength, height, breath-type, behaviour and number of horns. There are also 12 Attribute cards, used in two of the games, 36 cardboard connectors, used in one game, and 12 gold medals, for scoring. The four games each take about 10 minutes, and use different skills.
The first event, formations, has players racing to put their dragons in piles or in order, depending on the attribute shown on the randomly produced Attribute card.
Matches is the second event. Players look for things in common between two randomly chosen dragon cards, and use that to take an attribute card from the pool or another player, in order to get the required number of attribute cards.
The third event, Connections, incorporates connectors with the Dragon cards for a strategic domino type game, which uses comparisons to link or lock out other dragons.
The final event, Battle, is the simplest, as players take turns to decide which attribute wins a battle between randomly selected cards.
Cards are placed on the table, so there is no need to hold a hand of cards.
The events are easy to play and help practice mathematics skills.