The 5E Player Screen

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What is The 5E Player Screen?

The left hand panel features the things you can do on your turn, and a reminder to TRY ANYTHING! - It's a collaborative game, the DM has the last say, but the sky is the limit!

The center panel has the experience points/level up table, Death Saves and how they work, as well as Currency Conversion and Exhaustion.

The right hand panel has a list of conditions and how they apply to you - Poisoned/Petrified/Invisble etc.

The front of the screen features art of a ferocious mimic.

The screen is really low profile - 148mm x 630mm (3 x A5 size panels) - so this means you aren't hidden from the DM and can roll over or beside the screen with ease.

It's made with a sturdy 2.8mm chipboard, UV printed with a laminated coating - so it's just like a proper DM screen in weight and quality!

Please note this item is in limited supply. Futher information can be found on the product IndieGogo page: