Super Mario Chess - Collector's Edition

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Super Mario Chess - Collector's Edition Info

  2 players   60 mins   Ages 6+

  Categories: Abstract Strategy

  Play involves: Grid Movement, Pattern Movement, Square Grid, Static Capture

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The first-ever Nintendo-authorized chess game, starring the most popular Super Mario characters! 

Packaged in a Collector's Tin, this set features 32 highly detailed pieces including: Mario (King), Luigi (Queen), Princess Peach (Bishop), Princess Daisy (Bishop), Yoshi (Knight), Toad (Rook), Coin (Pawn), Bowser (King), Bowser Jr. (Queen), Magikoopa (Bishop), Birdo (Knight), Goomba (Rook), and Koopa Shell (Pawn). A must-have collectible for any Nintendo fan! 
  • The games you love - the characters you can't get enough of!
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • Add to your collection!

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