Sleeping Gods - Tides of Ruin Expansion

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Sleeping Gods - Tides of Ruin Expansion Info

  1 - 4 players   60 - 1200 mins   Ages 13+

  Categories: Adventure, Exploration, Nautical

  Play involves: Cooperative Game, Events, Hand Management, Push Your Luck, Solo / Solitaire Game, Storytelling

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The Wandering Sea is vast, filled with hidden treasures and lost totems.

To the far south lies Zokmere, the sanctuary city, where hundreds of splintered houses cling to the jungle hills in a turquoise bay. In the northeast, the gods hide the remains of a sprawling city, and the history of their malice. Ready your crew. New dangers and adventures await.

Sleeping Gods: Tides of Ruin expands the world of Sleeping Gods with a second atlas, accompanying storybook, new adventure cards, enemies, events, and more. Seamlessly combine this expansion with the base game to make the world even larger.


  • Atlas (10 pages, full-colour 22.2×23.8 cm two-sided spiral-bound)
  • Storybook (64 pages, monochrome Letter-sized two-sided spiral-bound)
  • 16 x Enemy cards (70×120 mm)
  • 45 x Adventure cards (59×92 mm)
  • 27 x Event cards (59×92 mm)
  • 18 x Market cards (59×92 mm)
  • 38 x Quest cards (59×92 mm)
  • 41 x Arcade Mode cards (59×92 mm)
  • 11 x Bonus Event cards (59×92 mm)


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