Search History

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What is Search History?

The Party Game of Surprising Searches

Search History¬†is the only party game that uses real searches in it's¬†hilarious and unique gameplay. Play the game that reveals what people search for. Some searches are crazy, some are cute, and some make you wonder, ‚Äúwho would search for¬†that?‚ÄĚ

Each round, players guess what people search for on the internet. Players are prompted with a phrase and try to complete the phrase with the most believable response. Players score points by fooling their friends into thinking their response is the correct one.


  • Read one of three prompts aloud and compete with friends and family to anonymously create the most believable search¬†query.
  • Take turns guessing what the most commonly searched phrase is and score points if your answer is guessed by others.
  • From the creators of The Voting Game, Hot Seat, and Pick Your Poison.
  • There's¬†no incognito mode‚Ķ so be careful.

Game Contents:

  • 200¬†Prompt Cards (600¬†prompts total)
  • Answer Pads
  • Score Sheets
  • Instruction Booklet (that contains 4¬†game variants)