ROOM Agus and Monsters

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Tada! This is Agus Pianola, a very absent-minded and a bit cheeky boy who should tidy up his room, but he always waits for his mother to remind him of that because he never finds a good moment to do it. And obviously, in a messy room you can lose many things such as: balls, video games, essays... but you can also find others...

What would you do if one day you woke up and you found your room full of monsters?

The game is played in rounds until all the cards have been played. A different player starts each round!

The starting player decides which category rules (books, clothes or food) and then, each player, in turn order, places 1, 2 or 3 cards facing up on the table.

If you play a character card, you shall think which effect it will have!

When all the players have made their play, the one with the most icons of the ruling category, scores all the cards.

Then it’s the turn of the player on their right and another round starts. And we continue like this until all players run out of cards.

And if a player has no cards left, their turn is skipped and it’s next player’s turn.

When there are no cards left, each player will count the monsters drawn on their scored cards (the ones which they won!).

The player with the most monsters is the winner!

In case of a tie, Mr. Flat scores double; if there is still a tie, you shall play again to break the tie!

  • Players: 2-6
  • Playing Time: 10 Minutes
  • Ages: 6+

ROOM Agus and Monsters Info

  2 - 6 players   5 - 10 mins   Ages 6+

  Categories: Book, Children's Game, Novel-based

  Play involves: Hand Management, Trick-taking

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