Rivals of Catan - Age Of Darkness Expansion

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What is Rivals of Catan - Age Of Darkness Expansion?

Submerge yourself into the bustling life on Catan as you compete to decide on the fate of its settlers

The revised Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness, is a 90 card expansion for Rivals for Catan. Play across three additional themed sets, The Era of Intrigue, The Era of Merchant Princes, and The Era of Barbarians. Each set adds new cards and strategies to your games, and can be combined in Duel mode for a more comprehensive experience. The Rivals for Catan base set is required to play Rivals for Catan: Age of Darkness.

Includes three separate theme sets that can be used with the base game:

  • The Era of IntrigueĀ ā€“ You will witness the confrontation of followers of new and old beliefs and take part to determine Catan's spiritual balance. ā€œReligious Disputeā€ causes both players to lose cards; Churches and Temples minimize losses; Temple cards strengthen your access to your own draw stacks. Church cards lure opposing heroes and earn gold. With a Church and a Temple, you may build the Great Thing stead and end the conflict.
  • The Era of Merchant PrincesĀ ā€“ Using the ā€œCommercial Harborā€ and the ā€œMerchant's ReĀ­sidencesā€, decisive buildings in the struggle for trade advantage, players try to control Catan's commerce. ā€œMaritime Trade Monopoliesā€ and the ā€œMaster Merchantsā€ enhance trade ships. ā€œThe Shipbuilderā€ reduces the building costs of ships. Dominate trade using clever card combinations!
  • The Era of BarbariansĀ ā€“ Use Castles, Border Fortresses, the Strategist, the Caravel, and new heroes to fend off both the barbarian attacks and your rival's efforts to dominate your holdings.