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  2 - 20 players   10 - 30 mins   Ages 17+

  Categories: Party Game

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Quick And Dirty: An Offensively Fun Party Game is the game that rewards quick wits and dirty minds.

To play you place a black category card pile and a white letter card pile face down. You then flip both a black and a white card over. The first player to yell an answer that starts with the letter and fits the category is the round winner. e.g.

"Things that happen in Vegas"... starting with "M"
... "Mistakes!"

  • Fast, fun party game - rewards quick wits and dirty minds! Great for game nights, pre-games, bachelorette parties, etc
  • Optional drinking rules – works brilliant as a drinking game to break the ice and start the night!
  • Compatible with other editions - contains 23 brand new categories you can play on their own or combine with other quick and dirty versions for even more ways to play!
  • Great for groups - supports 2-8+ players. Supports 20+ players when combined with other packs.
  • Easy to start – rules so simple even a drunk can understand! Learn to play in < 30 seconds.
The Red version can be played as a standalone game or joined with the Quick and Dirty - Black box to work as an expansion.

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