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Quick and Dirty is an outrageous new game perfect for pregames, games nights and parties.

It's simple to learn: A category card gets flipped over e.g. “Something you lick”, followed by a letter card e.g. “B”. The first player to yell an answer that fits the category starting with the letter B wins the round.

Sounds simple, but you won't believe the words coming out of your friends' mouthes as they're forced to think quick! Suitable for a mature audience 17+


  • Fast, fun, party game – rewards quick wits and dirty minds!
  • Easy to start – rules so simple even a drunk can understand! Learn to play in <30 seconds.
  • Great for groups – supports 2–20+ players. Players can join and leave anytime!
  • Very portable – 70 card deck small enough for your pocket provides over 1,000 unique rounds
  • Optional drinking rules – works brilliant as a drinking game to break the ice and start the night


Players: 2 – 20
Play Time: 10 – 30 Min

Suitable for ages 17 & up

Quick and Dirty Info

  2 - 20 players   10 - 30 mins   Ages 17+

  Categories: Party Game

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