Psycho Chickens + All 4 Expansions

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Psycho Chickens + All 4 Expansions Info

  2 - 8 players   1 - 39 mins   Ages 7+

  Categories: Animals, Card Game

  Play involves: Single Loser Game

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Psycho Chickens is a game that doesn't crown one winner, but smites one loser. With games lasting anywhere from 43sec to 38.65min, the moment someone plays the Chicken they are done, out, dead. 

Now you can get the Psycho Chickens deck with every single heckin expansion, in an Expanded-Psycho Card Case, with a little rule book!

What's included:

  • Psycho Chickens (72 cards)
  • Expanded-Psycho Card Case (Magnetic)
  • Humorous Humans Expansion (35 cards)
  • Drinky Drinky Expansion (35 cards)
  • Facial Failures Expansion (35 cards)
  • Meme Gang Expansion (35 cards)


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