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Not Another Fetch Quest!!! is a fast and fun party card game with a fantasy theme that pokes fun at one of the most annoyingly unnecessary elements in the RPG realm: fetch questing.

Take the role of one of the Kingdom of Renfaire's most mundane of heroes and use your wits to conquer the quests before your rivals do.

Each player is represented by a character, which have unique stats and special abilities. Players take turns adding quest cards (with difficulty values that correspond to player stats) to the notice board until a player is challenged. When a player is challenged, they see if their stats (and loot, if needed) can overcome the challenges of the quests.

A player can win in one of two ways: if they win three challenges and get three success tokens, or if the player is the last one standing when all other players fail three challenges.

  • Number of Players: 2-7
  • For Ages: 11+
  • Playing Time: 30-60 min

*PREORDER* Not Another Fetch Quest Info

  2 - 7 players   30 - 60 mins   Ages 11+

  Categories: Card Game, Fantasy, Humor

  Play involves: Betting and Bluffing, Negotiation, Player Elimination, Turn Order: Pass Order, Variable Player Powers

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