Never Have I Ever

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Life's toughest questions bringing up those buried memories…
Ask yourself, Never Have I Ever...

  • Facebook stalked an ex-partner?
  • Passed out drunk in an unfamiliar place?
  • Said someone else's name during sex?
  • Lied to your parents?
  • Been caught in the act of doing something terrible?

Perhaps not (but probably). But if you ever did, all of these regrettable actions are going to pay off. Now you get to wear them as proud badges of shame in the latest party card game, Never Have I Ever.

The aim of the game? Confess, guess and bust the door open into your friends' humiliating lives. Dig up old memories, relive them during the game and have a laugh at all of those awkward and embarrassing memories. First (or worst) player to "earn" 10 cards and build their wall of shame wins! (Depending on your outlook on life). You'll be the most competitive you'll ever be in a game or life situation!

The only rule is – no judgement. Though admittedly this only really applies during the game.

Key features:

  • All those shameful things you did? It's time to share them
  • The best way to really get to know your friend
  • Relive all of life's awkward and embarrassing moments

*Played by Ellen DeGeneres to make her celebrity guests squirm

Please Note:

  • Contains some hilariously explicit material, recommended for ages 17+.
  • Recommended for 4–12 players.
  • Probably not a good idea to play it with your family. Some things are best left unsaid.

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