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Monopoly - The Godfather

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Monopoly - The Godfather Info

  2 - 8 players   60 - 180 mins   Ages 8+

  Categories: Economic, Negotiation

  Play involves: Auction/Bidding, Dice Rolling, Income, Loans, Lose a Turn, Ownership

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Immerse yourself in the world ruled by the Godfather and his influential grande famiglia by playing the Winning Moves Godfather Monopoly Board Game. Use the unique tokens and expand your empire by befriending the Corleone family.

Buy new alliances
Unique tokens
Increase your wealth and influence
The Winning Moves Godfather Monopoly Board Game is an authentic game that takes you into the middle of the war between the five families, looks stunning on display at home, perfect to show off and play with your amici.

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