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Kodama - Duo Info

  2 - 5 players   30 mins   Ages 14+

  Categories: Abstract Strategy, Card Game

  Play involves: Layering, Set Collection, Tile Placement

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It's a brand new year in the forest of Kodama!

Two new caretakers have a friendly competition over who can grow their saplings into verdant homes for the tree spirits.

Kodama Duo is a two-player version of Kodama: The Tree Spirits. You will grow a tree by placing branch cards in clever arrangements, making a happy home for your Kodama!

There are a couple of cool twists on the original Kodama rules for Duo.

Some cards and components from Kodama Duo can also be used to make room for an additional player in Kodama: The Tree Spirits.

6 player expansion for Kodama
Ages 10 to adult
40 minutes playing time


  • 36 x Branch cards
  • 21 Kodama cards
  • 2 x Trunk cards
  • 6 x Spirit tokens
  • 2 50/100 point tokens
  • Score track
  • 9 x Decree cards
  • Splitter marker
  • Chooser marker
  • 2 x Player tokens
  • Season token


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