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Imhotep: The Duel is the follow-up to Kosmos Games’ smash hit Imhotep. As the name suggests, this is a two-player take on that family-weight game. Only here, you’re in a direct duel with a second player. Imhotep: The Duel shares some parallels with its parent game (also by designer Phil Walker-Harding), but has some neat additions, too.

The action takes place on a public 3×3 grid. Six ships sit docked around it in a permanent state (three to the left, three above it). Each ship is three squares in length, and starts the game fully loaded with three tiles. There’s five different types of tiles that you are your opponent duel over. You’ll aim to secure these in a set collection manner.

On your turn you can do one of three possible actions. One is you can place one of your workers into a vacant square within that grid. (You each have four workers.) A second option is you can collect tiles from one of the six boats. You can collect them if there’s at least two workers in that respective row or column. Workers trigger top-to-bottom (for columns) and left-to-right (for rows). The top-most worker claims the furthest-away tile in the corresponding boat. Later workers (in this row/column) claim the other tiles in the boat. The workers leave the board, and the boat tiles replenish.

You both have your own individual scoring boards (unlike a communal one in Imhotep). When you claim tiles, you sit them in/on your corresponding score board. The obelisk tiles are worth 1VP each, and you score extra points if you end up with the most of them. The pyramid tiles build up in a three-tier pyramid; the bigger your pyramid, the bigger your score. The tomb tiles have numbers 1-12 on them. You want to collect runs of numbers in your tomb. The bigger the run, the larger the score. The temple tiles score 1VP per symbol on said tile type. (Like Imhotep, these boards are double-sided with different scoring methods on the reverse. So you can mix and match them up!)

The final tile type are blue tiles that grant bonus actions. These are like some of the cards in regular Imhotep. If used at a strategical moment, they can be super-powerful! The game ends once there are no more tiles remaining (from the supply) and the boats cannot replenish. Then you add up scores and see who’s won Imhotep: The Duel!

Player Count: 2 Players
Time: 30 minutes
Age: 10+


Imhotep The Duel Info

  2 players   30 mins   Ages 10+

  Categories: Ancient

  Play involves: Area Majority / Influence, Modular Board, Set Collection, Worker Placement

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