God Hates Charades - Wrath

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What is God Hates Charades - Wrath?

God Hates Charades: Wrath is a pop culture, acting, guessing, comedy game that is the weirdest, wildest, dirtiest, best time you've ever had with your friends

Draw two cards from the Actor card deck and two cards from the Scenario deck. Pick one Actor and one Scenario card to make a scene. You then have 60Ā seconds to act out the scene. You can use words, do voices, give clues. The only rule of God Hates Charades is that you can't say the words printed on theĀ cards.


  • God Hates CharadesĀ ā€“ Wrath is a party game that'sĀ something like Taboo with acting.
  • One at a time players face the group and draw Actor cards and Scenario cards, combining them into hilarious scenes.
  • They can talk, use voices or whatever else they need as long as they don't say the words on theĀ cards.