Fruit Punch Halli Galli

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  2 - 5 players   5 - 15 mins   Ages 7+

  Categories: Card Game, Party Game

  Play involves: Hand Management, Set Collection

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It’s a full-on fruit frenzy in Amigo Games Fruit Punch! one of the world’s top-selling games, Fruit Punch is a fun match-based math game where kids try to match fruit cards that add up to exactly 5.

Players flip over cards from their deck and must pay close attention to each card. When two or more cards add up to 5 of the same fruit, be the first to whack the squeaky Banana and claim all the cards for your deck!

This game uses your senses of sight, sound, and touch to create an immersive, engaging experience where players can practice their social and emotional skills through communication and fair competition.

Grow the game by incorporating your own verbal elements such as calling out each fruit and number, or by using advanced math skills like multiplication to create endless opportunities for self-directed play and discovery-based learning.

Ages 5+.

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