Escape Room the Game - Da Vinci Expansion

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Escape Room the Game - Da Vinci Expansion Info

  3 - 5 players   60 mins   Ages 16+

  Categories: Electronic, Puzzle, Real-time

  Play involves: Cooperative Game

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While studying Leonardo Da Vinci’s many paintings, drawings, sketches and notes, collector Sam Anoli came across a gem; a totally unknown telescope! Judging by all the well-hidden clues in Da Vinci’s works, this special telescope must contain a great important secret that can only be discovered while watching the solar eclipse…

*Requires Base Game To Play*

Items needed from base game:

Chrono Decoder
16 Keys
Hint Decoder
Game Rules

3 Envelopes with content:
Game Boards
Various play materials
8 Hint Cards
60 Min Play Time

Ages 16+

3-5 Players

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