Enigma - Beyond Code

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Enigma - Beyond Code Info

  2 - 4 players   45 mins   Ages 8+

  Categories: Adventure, Puzzle, Real-time

  Play involves: Card Drafting, Pattern Recognition, Tile Placement

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Enigma: Beyond Code is a game of deduction

Victory depends on your ability to understand the motives of other players and locate the cards you need — while keeping others away from the cards they are looking for. Each play takes 5–10 minutes, and it is best to play Enigma: Beyond Code up to three victories.

In the beginning, each player receives a character card featuring a cryptology expert who has arrived at the Agency's mansion to break the Enigma code. But only one of them is the true decrypter; the others are just masterfully posing as cryptologists. Each of them has a unique secret mission. To accomplish the missions of their characters, the players view mansion cards in turns; each of these cards represents a room or an object inside the mansion. The invited experts work as a team, which means that upon looking at a mansion card, you must tell others what is there. You may either lie or tell the truth — that depends on your goals. Lying is always a risk, while telling the truth may allow your opponents to win.

The player who first accomplishes their character's mission wins the game. If no one does so within the game's time limit, chaos breaks into our world, and all players lose!

Game Components:

  • 9 oversized Character cards
  • 10 oversized Mansion cards
  • 1 Time sheet
  • 1 wooden Time token
  • 5 Decryption tokens
  • 5 Chaos tokens
  • 4 Silence tokens
  • 5 Triumph tokens
  • 1 Chaos Breakthrough token
  • 5 Reference sheets
  • 1 Solo mode Reference sheet
  • 4 oversized blank cards
  • Game Rules
  • Theme Guide


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