Cracked - Card Game

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What is Cracked - Card Game?

“Easy enough for beginning gamers, but tactical enough to keep the hard-core players challenged”

The objective of the game is to be the first player with four remaining cards in your hand that match your Code card. At the beginning of each round players are given seven playing cards and one Code card which contains a unique set of 4 digits. Players must work towards gathering numbers that match their unique code by, using the Swap, Star or by drawing a card from the stockpile. There are five Action cards that players can utilize to get the advantage over other players. “Swap, Pick up two, Lock, Reverse” and “Reset”. If a player is lucky enough to get the only Reset card in the deck, they can use it to force any player to change their Code card for a new one.

Once a player has gathered the numbers required, they must work towards discarding cards they don't need.

Game Contents:

  • 20 x Green Cards
  • 20 x Orange Cards
  • 20 x Blue Cards
  • 20 X Pink Cards
  • 10 Code Cards
  • 10 x Swap Cards
  • 6 x Lock Cards
  • 6 x Reverse Cards
  • 4 x Pick Up Two Cards
  • 4 x Star Cards
  • 1 x Reset Card