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A Party Game About Ridiculous Internet Adverts.

One minute you’re scrolling through a slideshow of people falling over, the next minute you’re staring at a pop-up advert for brand new Magic Diet Pills, an Exploding Kittens card game, or a Giant Family Slipper. A lot of these products might make no sense at all, but that doesn’t matter – people still click on them. We think that there’s a certain art to writing this type of clickbait. So Big Potato has added something new to our list of party games meet card games – a game that’s all about writing trashy taglines for pointless products. Each round, the judge will choose a Product Card and roll five dice, each displaying a single letter.

Players must now think of a short, snappy line to advertise the product, using the five letters on the dice to start each word. With bottles of ‘Ogre Odour Perfume’, lists of ‘Party Games For One’ and ‘Beer Fuelled Jetpacks’, this game contains over 120 cards to help inspire you to write some quality clickbait. So if you’re a family that’s a little too creative for card games like Dobble and not quite horrible enough for Cards Against Humanity, get your pencils and paper ready – this might be the new party game for you. Clickbait: A Party Game About Ridiculous Internet Adverts.


  • Clickbait is a party game about all the strangest stuff the internet has to offer.
  • Try to sell hundreds of pointless products by writing an advert that nobody could resist.
  • An ideal family game for adults and teenagers.
  • 9 out of 10 doctors agree: this is a fantastic game

Click Bait Info

  3 - 8 players   10 - 30 mins   Ages 14+

  Categories: Dice, Party Game

  Play involves: Dice Rolling

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