Clans of Caledonia

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Clans of Caledonia Info

  1 - 4 players   30 - 120 mins   Ages 12+

  Categories: Economic, Farming

  Play involves: Commodity Speculation, Contracts, Market, Modular Board, Network and Route Building, Solo / Solitaire Game

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Clans of Caledonia is a mid-to-heavy economic game set in 19th-century Scotland

At this time, Scotland made the transition from an agricultural to an industrialized country that heavily relied on trade and export. In the following years, food production increased significantly to feed the population growth. Linen was increasingly substituted by the cheaper cotton and raising sheep was given high importance. More and more distilleries were founded and whisky became the premium alcoholic beverage in Europe. Players represent historic clans with unique abilities and compete to produce, trade and export agricultural goods and of course whisky! The game comes with nine different clans, a modular board with 16 configurations, nine port bonuses and nine round scoring tiles.


  • The games artwork is lovely and comes with plenty of realistic wooden tokens
  • The Games rules are elegant and easy to learn
  • It's strategic depth is high
  • Interaction between players is solid
  • Replayability with 9 clans and a modular board is tremendous

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