Circular Reasoning - The Well of Power

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What is Circular Reasoning - The Well of Power?

If I can get to the center first… the power will be mine!

Circular Reasoning is an abstract strategy game developed by two students at the University of Texas at Dallas, Tomer Braff and Edward Stevenson. Players use their runes to maneuver through each concentric path in a circular temple. Each rune moves 2, 3, or 4 spaces, indicated by the rune's image. Between each path lies a moving gateway. Look out though, as every rune in each ring will cause the gateways to move faster!

The torches are lit. Researching your notes, you find a poem that will guide your way through the circular temple:

  • If magic you wish to awake,
  • Your three runes you have to take,
  • And bring them to the center room,
  • By passing through the moving gates.
  • …If you can be the first to the center, the power will be yours!