BADZJOKES Against Friends

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As you see,The BADZJOKES AGAINST FRIENDS is the new hilarious must-have party card game about the old TV game for F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans...

The all-time-favorite TV sitcom,”Friends” is not only the one of the most memorable shows through the golden age of lesser TV, the cast of “Friends” reflect connections to real people around us.

Familiarise with this group of people who have different experiences, behaviours and economic inequality seems to be the dynamics that brought them together again.

Through a decade, “Friends” never failed to introduce witty dialogue and memorable quotes about life and about friendship. Allow us to bring back the many jokes, humorous body language, surprise reveals and touching moments.

There is no doubt this card game reflecting “Friends” will be as humorous and easy to enjoy as the show.

Recapture the constant laughter from moments in “Friends,” or… are you not so good with remembering?

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