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Alchemists Info

  2 - 4 players   120 mins   Ages 13+

  Categories: Deduction, Fantasy

  Play involves: Action Drafting, Card Drafting, Constrained Bidding, Deduction, End Game Bonuses, Events

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Mandrake root and scorpion tail; spongy mushroom and warty toad – these are the foundations of the alchemist's li­velihood, science, and art.

But what arcane secrets do these strange ingredients hide? Now it is time to find out. Mix them into potions and drink them to determine their effects – or play it safe and test the concoction on a helpful assistant! Gain riches selling potions to wandering adventurers and invest these riches in powerful artifacts. As your knowledge grows, so will your reputation, as you publish your theories for all to see. Knowledge, wealth, and fame can all be found in the murky depths of the alchemist's cau­ldron.

In Alchemists, two to four budding alchemists compete to discover the secrets of their mystical art. Points can be earned in various ways, but most points are earned by publishing theories – correct theories, that is…


  • Double-sided game board
  • Theory board
  • Exhibition board
  • 4 laboratory screens
  • 4 results triangles
  • 4 player boards
  • 6 adventurer tiles
  • 2 conference tiles
  • 5 grant tiles
  • 8 alchemical tokens
  • 104 result tokens
  • 36 gold piece tokens
  • 44 seal of approval tokens (set of 11 in each colour)
  • 6 conflict tokens
  • Starting player token
  • 8 ingredient tiles
  • Gamemaster board
  • 40 ingredient cards
  • 22 favour cards
  • 18 artefact cards
  • 16 bid cards
  • 8 plastic beaker figures (2 in each color)
  • 24 plastic cubes (6 in each color)
  • Pad of deduction grids
  • Containers for tokens
  • Rulebook

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