Affliction - Salem 1692

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Affliction - Salem 1692 Info

  2 - 4 players   30 - 60 mins   Ages 12+

  Categories: Political

  Play involves: Card Drafting, Simulation, Take That, Variable Player Powers, Worker Placement

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The hysteria over witches among the people of Salem swept the region like a disease in 1692. As is the case in any tragic event, there are those who will use the circumstances to their advantage. Under the veil of the witch-hunt lie other motivations; power, greed, revenge, and righteousness.

AFFLICTION is a game set in the hysteria of a witch-hunt. Use your influence to whisper in the ear of the magistrate, judge, governor or minister to protect some and have others arrested. Salem was a chance to gain property, exact revenge and prove one’s righteou­sness. Affliction uses a low luck, highly interactive worker placement, engine building, engine disruption mechanic. This is the one witch-hunting game without witches!

Game Contents:

  • Esteemed Card
  • Starter Colonist Cards
  • Grievance Cards
  • Four Markers
  • Fear Tokens
  • Faction Cards
  • Reference Cards
  • Colonist Cards
  • Prominent Colonist Cards
  • Influence Tokens
  • Trigger Cards
  • Accusation Tokens
  • Messenger Pawns

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