7 Wonders - Cities Expansion

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What is 7 Wonders - Cities Expansion?

7 Wonders Cities is the new extension of the award-winning 7 Wonders game.

For an added challenge, you can play all three versions together (7 Wonders, 7 Wonders Leaders and 7 Wonders Cities). Far from the pomp of palaces and gardens, in the darkest alleys, gold changing hands, exchanging information, alliances are formed and secrets are betrayed.

 Now, mercenaries, thieves, spies and diplomats will give a new scale to your cities. Reap the benefits by sowing discord among your opponents, play them off each other and push them into debt.


  • Ability to play with up to 8 players!
  • New cards, new playing tactics
  • Introducing new team play.