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In 15 days, you will take alternating turns until a player completes all 4 Season sets, or when 1 of the 2 season stacks is empty.

On each turn players choose 2 out of 4 possible actions:

Take 2 Season cards from any of the two season stacks to your hand. You may choose a different season stack for each card you draw.

Take 1 face-up card from either the market by drafting the topmost card of one of the 3 Market columns or the topmost card from the discard pile.

Place cards in one of the four corners of your player card considering each corner can only contain a single season composed of one card of each number.
Placing cards can be done by discarding other cards from your hand.

Finally, you can discard 2 cards from your hand, that are identical to any of the season cards already played in front of you, to take a wild card.

Immediately place the wild card in a position of your choice where a number is missing.
The wild card replaces the missing number.

By having the majority of Season cards of 1 type, take the corresponding wooden animal. Wooden animals give different small advantages, like increasing your hand limit or getting a discount when placing cards.

At the end of the game score: 1 point per card, counting only the longest uninterrupted sequence of numbers in each season. 2 points for every Wooden animal you own, and -2 points for every empty corner on the player card.

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