Game Kings Royalty Points

Royalty Points are our way of thanking you for being loyal customers! Over the years we’ve asked our Game Kings family multiple times, what they would like to see more of from the team here at Game Kings. The recurring theme has been a rewards system for our loyal customers. 
Introducing.. Royalty Points! ( You know because we’re Game KINGS)

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What are Royalty Points…?

Royalty points are tokens that we give to you, our customers, as a thankyou for choosing to shop with us. Generally, you’ll receive 10 Royalty points for every dollar you spend, however, for special occasions we may increase these reward rates.

How do I Earn them…?

You’ll earn loyalty points every time you make a purchase through the website. You’ll also be able to accumulate extra points by sharing Game Kings with your friends, by following us on various Social Platforms, or simply by logging in to your account each week.

What can I use them for...?

You’ll be able to redeem your points in the “Royalty Point Store” for things such as: Lollies, Chocolates, Free Shipping, Game Kings Vouchers, Discount codes, or for free games.

Can I redeem them for cash..?

No. Royalty points have no tangible cash or monetary value outside of the Royalty points store, so they cannot be withdrawn, sold, transferred between accounts. You can use them instead to redeem special rewards or vouchers that can be used on the Game Kings Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my points Expire?

No! Your points will never expire :)

Can I transfer points to a friend

Unfortunately no, the way our system is built only you the account holder can have those points. Might be time to encourage your friend to start buying more games.

Will my points be backdated for previous orders

Only orders placed after the 13th of November 2019 will be eligible for points.

Do I need to be signed in to earn points.

Yes you will need to be signed into your Game Kings account when you place your order to earn points.