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About Game Kings 

A quick history lesson for you.

 This whole thing was started back in late 2013 when I saw this stupid game on Amazon America called Card Against Humanity. It looked like something that me and my dumb friends would totally get into.One problem tho.. 

They wouldn’t ship just one pack to New Zealand.I thought to myself.. Well if I want this game, maybe other people want this game. 

Solid logic, right? 

 So I ordered 20 packs to be sent to my flat in Hamilton. I put those 20 up on trade me and slowly but surely, they all sold and the biggest win for me was that I finally got my hands on a copy of the game.This whole selling cards against humanity on trade me went on for around 3 years and we slowly started selling other party games which looked like they’d be fun too. At the same time we started a NZ fans of cards against humanity page where we’d share all of our favourite card combos.However in early 2017 a few things changed.- Sending out these games was taking all my free time, so naturally I quit my job- I got sick of paying trade me fees and thought “Fuck trade me, I’ll build my own website” – See below screenshot of our trash first website.- I realised we were selling more than just Cards Against Humanity and my mate Tyler always used to call me the Game King. So to this day he’s still trying to claim that he owns 50% of Game Kings ( He doesn’t )So we’ve gone from selling a few party games on trade me, to one of NZs fastest growing online stores. We’re adding new products to our site almost daily and we’re super excited to keep growing, keep playing games and most importantly keeping you our Game Kings family stocked up with all your favourite games and other fun things we find along the way.Much loveEliot.   

Here's a little look behind the scenes.

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