Trivillennial - Party Game

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What is Trivillennial - Party Game?

The Trivia Game for Millennials

Do you remember what Ken Bone's question was about before he became internet famous? Can you properly pronounce Guy Fieri's name? Remember which city Harambe's zoo was in Trivillennial is the trivia game by millennials for millennials. You're welcome.


  • From the creators of the adult party game, “DRUNK STONED OR STUPID”
  • 1,000 trivia questions for millennials, plus answer cards
  • From Psy to Beyoncé, Covfefe to Yanny, Keyboard Cat to Pizza Rat
  • Test how well you know the icons, moments and controversies that defined our generation.
  • Game categories include: 15 Seconds of Fame, Trends, Random Sh*t, & more.