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What is Nemesis?

Nemesis is a 1-5 player survival sci-fi game where players are woken up from hibernation as a crew of a space ship. The emergency procedure states that there is a critical system failure and the space ship can't continue its cruise. The goal of the crew is to find what is causing this failure and fix the situation to safely return back to Earth. The main problem is that one crew member is dead. Somebody crashed his hibernation chamber and pulled his body out. In addition, if you listen closely, some additional noises and sounds can be heard. New ones, strange ones, ones that were never heard before…

Nemesis is a cooperation game combined with bluffing, backstabbing, and other elements of a science-fiction survival horror adventure.

Includes 6 characters; Pilot, Scout, Captain, Scientists, Soldier and Mechanic.


* 26 High Quality Minis 
* 300+ Cards
* 20 Cardboard Room Tiles
* 200 Other Components
* 1 Two-Sided Cardboard Map
* 2 Plastic Inserts

Staff Pick - Brian:

'Cool theme, very atmospheric. A fantastic combination of game mechanics, from hand management and tile exploration, to hidden traitor and ticking clock, these elements all combine to create a tense and often frightening game. Fantastic solo experience as well!'