What's Hot This Week on Kickstarter?

Hey everybody! Board game projects on Kickstarter are showing no signs of diminishing as this week offers up three fun candidates for your shelves.  This week we return to the medieval world of Villagers and a game altering expansion, try our hands at running an interplanetary pet shop and distill board gaming down to its finest qualities while running a distillery.  Let’s check out this week’s Kickstarter offerings.


Villagers: Shifting Seasons

Villagers: Shifting Seasons is a series of modular expansions to the original Villagers game launched in 2018. Villagers is a card drafting game where players attempt to rebuild a medieval community after the ravages of the plague have left a severe shortage of skilled workers and craftsmen.  Players recruit villagers from the road and try to assemble combinations of villagers whose skills can complement one another, leading to a more prosperous and successful village. Villagers: Shifting Seasons expands upon this idea by providing players with several modular expansions they can use to expand the core experience. Introducing more of what made the original so appealing and extending the gameplay into new areas, without adding too many new rules. 

The designers wanted to keep the core experience at the heart of this project and they seem to have achieved that here. One module will add powerful but unique villagers who can bend the rules to great effect, another adds teams which can increase productivity. There’s even a new way to play the game solo for you single-players enthusiasts out there. Villagers: Shifting Seasons does what any good expansion should, it adds more variety and reinvigorates the original game without detracting from the core experience that made the original what it was.  Check out the Kickstarter page here.


Alien Petshop

In Alien Petshop, 2-4 players compete to build an alien pet store filled with cute, colourful but often dangerous little alien creatures. This engine building game allows players to manage their menagerie of extraterrestrial delights, breed them to sell the offspring and add traits to their pets to make them more profitable.  Players do this by buying pets and hiring workers to upgrade their pet shop’s selection.

Featuring a cutesy art style and tongue in cheek parodies of familiar sci-fi and fantasy creatures, Alien Petshop will delight young players as well as appeal to pop culture aficionados who can have fun discovering their favourite creatures reimagined in this new format. The play time of 30-40 minutes means a game can be enjoyed more than once in a session and with over 50 unique pets to choose from there will be plenty of reasons to reset and start a new petshop. The component quality looks solid, with chunky pink dice and bright, engaging illustrations. The Kickstarter has unlocked a few of its stretch goals and has successfully funded, now to see if they can unlock that tidy looking insert!



Distilled is a euro style strategy game in which players have inherited a distillery and must compete to become the greatest master distiller, producing the finest quality spirits and turning their small business into a flourishing, successful distillery.  With a basis in real world distillery techniques and processes, Distilled blends a love of spirits with a passion for board gaming and this game represents the refinement of that process. 

Distilled seats 1-5 players and plays over 7 rounds. Over the course of the game, players will need to explore the science behind the distillery process, upgrade their facility, hire workers and fulfil orders in order to get themselves ahead of their rivals. Knowing which ingredients to procure, and how best to utilise them to get the best results would benefit from a sound knowledge of the distillation process, but is by no means a prerequisite to becoming a master of this game.  Distilled funded in its first 23 hours and has already blown through multiple stretch goals. Check out the Kickstarter page here to see if Distilled serves something to accommodate your fine taste in games.


That wraps up another week of Kickstarter goodies. Stop by again next week for more great up and coming titles.  For now, thanks for joining me and have a great week!