What's Hot This Week on Kickstarter?

This week’s crowdfunding treats include a colourful, yet grim look at our future in a new RPG on Gamefound and Kickstarter offers up a new fantasy deck builder follow up with a dragon, and an addition to one of the most complex euro games to be found according to Board Game Geek!  

Vast Grimm by Infinite Black - Gamefound

If you’re a fan of unique, stylistic tabletop RPGs, then Vast Grimm by Infinite Black might be the one for you!   Vast Grimm is set in a bleak future where the few remaining humans are struggling for survival as the universe is being consumed by parasitic würms. Rich with incredible artwork and light on rules, the focus here is on storytelling and painting a picture of a universe on the brink of total collapse.  

The crowdfunding campaign ranges from a digital tribute which gets you the PDF version of the core book all the way up to the We Are Doomed level which includes every physical product Vast Grimm has to offer from the core book to a play mat, dice, holographic grimoires, pins, coins a DM screen and more!  Whether you play RPGs or are a collector, Vast Grimm will make a colourful centrepiece in any enthusiast’s horde. Vast Grimm can be found on Gamefound, and still has a couple of weeks to run, yet it’s already smashed its funding goal. 

Volfyirion Guilds by Tabula Games - Kickstarter

Volfyirion Guilds is the follow up to the original Volfyirion by Tabula Games, the well received fantasy deck builder with a focus on synergy triggers, combos and resource management.  Volfyirion Guilds returns to the Mysthea Universe and picks up right after the events of that game.  Featuring lavish artwork complemented with crisp graphic design, the cards tell the story of this realm of danger and political intrigue. Players must destroy the three cities of their rival, while defending their own, and to up the stakes even further, there’s a dragon!  Players can battle for control of the dragon who can then be used to besiege enemy strongholds. 

The Kickstarter campaign is in full swing with the funding goal having been overrun faster than a dragon can raze a city. Backers can select from a range of pledge levels from, here’s a dollar, I’m happy for you tho, to shut up and take my money I want all the things! The higher pledges levels offer a storage box for all the expansions, play mats and tokens that you could possibly want from the campaign. And did I mention there’s a dragon?

On Mars: Alien Invasion by Vital Lacerda & Ian O'Toole - Kickstarter

On Mars is what happens when you take the complexity of a real world Mars mission and condense it into a board game box.  The result is a beautifully produced, wonderfully complex and ruthlessly detailed euro game in which players cooperate to colonise the red planet while trying to be the one player who does it the most in order to win the game. On Mars: Alien Invasion is an expansion to the original game in which players are thrown the additional complication of dealing with extra terrestrial invaders, other than ourselves who are also extra terrestrial in this scenario.

The expansion provides players with 4 new ways to play, as well as the ability to play as the aliens themselves. Would-be colonists must contend with everything from alien sabotage to disease outbreaks. The Kickstarter campaign allows backers to access Eagle Gryphon’s past Kickstarter projects if you missed out on those the first time around. Anyone who’s familiar with Vital Lacerda’s work will know his games are among the best produced and designed euro games in the industry, so if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at his work, now’s the perfect opportunity.


As thus endeth another week of crowdfunded goodness.  Did anything here strike your fancy this week? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below. In the meantime, take care and I’ll be back with more Kickstarter goodness next week! As always, feel free to get in touch here if you have any crowdfunding projects the community should know about.