What's Hot on Kickstarter This Week?

Hey everyone!  This blog is a place you can come to keep up to date with the latest board game related crowdfunding projects on platforms like Kickstarter and Gamefound.  I’ve curated a few games that have caught my eye this week, so take a look and see if there’s something you’re keen to support.


Radioactive Bunniez by Tal Draws

First up this week is a game the team here at Game Kings have helped to develop and promote, Radioactive Bunniez by Tal Draws, is a fun competitive card game featuring the titular rabbits.



In fact, the project went live as I was writing this today!  The goal of the game is simple: end the game with the highest amount of radiation in your hand! While the premise is easy enough, there are layers of strategy that will require players to often work with cards that have special effects which can undermine or even completely reverse a player’s carefully crafted plans.  Gameplay is fast, funny and frantic.  Cards will exchange hands like missile fire and before you know it, someone will decide to end the game by playing the Nuclear Armageddon card!  Once the Armageddon hits, all players will have one final turn before their hands are revealed and the winner determined. Tal has worked incredibly hard on this game and to see his efforts rewarded with his Kickstarter going live fills us with pride!  Check the game out yourselves and I hope you’ll show him your support!


The Witcher: Old World by Go on Board

An adventure board game for 1-5 players set in the popular world of The Witcher novels, games and Netflix series, The Witcher: Old World has what it takes to be as big a hit in the board game world as the Witcher III was for the video game industry. 



One of the biggest draws for me is that it’s set years before the exploits of the renowned Geralt of Rivia at a time when the five Witcher schools were in full force, producing Witchers and sending them off into the monster infested world to thin the numbers and make the world a safer place. This is a time period in Witcher lore that I've always hoped would be featured in some form of media.  Featuring gorgeously detailed minis and artwork that evokes the popular video game style many have come to know and love, this project has been a labour of love for Go on Board.  At the time of this writing the project has only a few days left to run on Kickstarter before pledges close. Be in quick if you plan to join the ranks of the Witchers and make a name for yourself slaying monsters and exploring the darker reaches of the world.


Orbidice by Blaster Light

Spherical dice have been tried before, but I don’t think any have come close to Blaster Light’s product, Orbidice.



Utilising high quality design and materials, Orbidice look amazing and are promised to roll accurately and fairly thanks to the dice’s interior design featuring a metal ball that settles into specially designed grooves allowing the dice to come to a stop quickly before it can roll off the table. There are multiple styles in the making, but the dragon eggs are my favourites. The cracked shell design highlighted in a blood red look striking! They may not be a replacement for the tried and true polyhedral dice we’ve all come to know and occasionally shake our fists at, but as a curiosity, they certainly catch the eye. To be honest I wouldn’t mind picking up a set just for comparison’s sake. The Kickstarter still has a couple of weeks left to run, so check them out!


CastleScape by Praetorian Board Games

CastleScape is Praetorian Board Games' first game and it has the feel of a true passion project, creator, Josh Horsley has clearly put everything into this one.



Where games like Clank! and Dune Imperium combined a deck building mechanic with dungeon crawling and worker placement respectively, CastleScape brings deck building to the area control space.  Players strengthen their starter decks while building castle walls to encompass areas under their control and competing to contribute to the castle’s construction while at the same time advancing their own nefarious goals and trying to avoid the King’s inspectors.  The game features 3D plastic castle walls and beautifully illustrated cards and game boards that evoke the medieval theme. This is one I’m keen to try; it’s already reached its Kickstarter funding goal, but it would be great to see further stretch goals unlocked. I for one am hoping for a lot more cards!

So, those are the projects that have taken my interest this week, thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll check back each week as I continue to bring you more projects that I think deserve your attention. Thanks for stopping by, until next time!