What's Hot on Kickstarter This Week?

Welcome back!  Here are a few game offerings on Kickstarter that have captured my attention this past week.  Take a look and see if any of these set your wallets to burning!

Scarface 1920

Spanish board game company Redzen Games are coming out of the gate hot with their first title, Scarface 1920. Set in prohibition era Chicago, players take control of one of four major gangs seeking to take a cut of the pie as bootleggers, running alcohol, taking out rivals and avoiding the incorruptible Eliot Ness and his squad of untouchables, federal agents who are chasing down the unscrupulous gangs.

Redzen Games isn’t pulling any punches on this one. The game’s production looks top notch, with stylish artwork, a host of plastic minis and components and stretch goals through the roof. An ambitious project from a team of talented artists and designers, Scarface 1920 looks set to be a thrilling, fun and deeply thematic exploration of this iconic period in US history.  Even if you’re not familiar with the prohibition era, there are familiar personalities that are sure to be recognisable to most, like Al Capone who adorns the box cover and the aforementioned Ness. Scarface 1920 covers ground that I feel is not yet overdone in board gaming and I’m excited to see how far this campaign goes.



This dice rolling card game is set in a fantasy world of gods, demons and slowly awakening peril. Catharsis from Cyber Wizard Games boasts some incredible artwork and unique, darkly mysterious characters, such as a bard who can sing each song only once, or a holy warrior who’s sentient armour changes to suit the threats he faces. Playable solo or up to 4 players co-op, the game itself appears to utilise the standard mechanics of dice and card games while introducing enough original elements to keep the gameplay fresh and satisfying. A little of something for everyone.

The Kickstarter has just little more than a day left to run at the time of this article, so be in quick if you want to pledge your support! With five years of development behind it, Catharsis has reached its funding goal, now it’s just a matter of seeing what additional goodies can be unlocked.

Sengoku Jidai Hanafuda

Sengoku Jidai Hanafuda is a traditional Japanese card game with cards depicting 12 clans from the Sengoku period. The art style is what first captured my attention, featuring images from the Sengoku period. Beyond producing a gorgeous deck of cards however, this campaign is offering fabric wall hangings in the same style in your choice of images from the cards.

The Kickstarter offers rules for Hanafuda as well as functioning as a standard deck of cards, with further rules for other card games to be included as the campaign progresses. By including symbology for all varieties of suits, the creators have ensured a near endlessly adaptable high quality deck for gamers and collectors alike.  Art aficionados and those who appreciate finely crafted games in traditional styles will likely want to snap up the tin box version too. Show your support and let’s add a little more beauty to the world!

Check back with us next week for further crowdfunded games.  And if you hear of any projects you think we should feature here let me know at brian@gamekings.co.nz! Until next time!