What's Hot on Kickstarter This Week?

Hey everybody!  This week I have three more amazing board game projects from the Kickstarter and Gamefound platforms. This week, we have a fun a fabulous tile-based dungeon crawler, a spooky paranormal investigation game and a big bombastic, miniatures heavy adventure game! So, let's dive right in a see what's on offer!


Valor & Villainy: Lludwik’s Labyrinth

The first title to catch my eye this week is Valor & Villainy: Lludwik’s Labyrinth from Skybound Games. This stand alone follow up to the company’s previous game, Valor & Villainy: Minions of Mordak additionally functions as an expansion to that game. The Valor and Villainy series are tile exploration dungeon crawlers featuring quirky characters, colourful artwork and expandable play for 1-6 players. Where Minions of Mordak featured 1vs Many play, Lludwik’s Labyrinth greatly expands the franchise to include solo and co-op play, as well as 5 times as many villains to face and hundreds more cards. 

This latest entry can be played as a fully re-settable legacy game or as one off free-play style games suitable for individual play sessions. Valor & Villainy: Lludwik’s Labyrinth looks set to please with an amazing array of miniatures, cards, double layered player boards, plastic tokens (depending on the version) and a ton of replayability as each dungeon is randomly generated as you go.  Lludwik’s Labyrinth comes in three flavours, retail, deluxe and premium, so be certain to read the Kickstarter page carefully before deciding to pledge so you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment come fulfillment. Whichever version you choose, you’re sure to come away smiling.



Skeptics, by Usiak Games and Designs, is a cooperative dice rolling investigation game where players explore potentially haunted locales trying to prove the existence of ghosts before the scenario runs its course when the time runs out. Featuring artwork reminiscent of the Arkham Horror series and gameplay akin to the video game, Phasmophobia, players proceed room to room, rolling dice to match ‘sets' required in each area to collect the necessary evidence to complete their investigation. 

Investigators face different types of ghosts or spirits each with their own rules, strategy and difficulty level.  The first of these is the Child, which, as you can imagine from the name, is the ghost of a child whose tormented soul can find no rest. Players must locate signs of the ghost’s activities in one of two locations featured on the game’s double sided board, the Asylum, and for added challenge, the Museum. It will be interesting to see how the dice rolling, traditionally a luck-based mechanic, affects the investigative elements, where players would normally expect their deductive skills to be at the forefront. As this is the game’s second attempt at a Kickstarter campaign, it would seem the designer has all his ducks in a row, clearly a lot of work and passion have gone into this game, here’s hoping this project meets with success.  Check out the Kickstarter page here.


Wild Assent: Lavon Rising

This reprint of the Wild Assent board game on Gamefound’s crowdfunding platform, Wild Assent: Lavon Rising provides new game modes and fresh opportunities for players to experience this beautiful, yet brutal world. This miniatures heavy adventure game by Lazy Squire Games has already well surpassed its funding goals and is now deep into the weeds of stretch goals and additional content.  Players compete in blood soaked arenas against foes ranging from the mundane through to the largest and most powerful monsters this fantastic world has to offer, with exquisitely detailed miniatures worthy of the challenge. 

Players take on the role of assents, customizable characters they can progress through the games area to glory and victory by either fulfilling their objectives or wiping the floor with every challenger the arena has to offer. And if you like minis, then be prepared to have your fill.  After scrolling through the project's Gamefound page for what seemed like several kilometres of minis and stretch goals, I’m not sure if there’s a  character or creature left uncrafted in Wid Assent.  Available in a number of different pledge combinations there sure to be a level to suit most gaming enthusiasts’s budgets. The campaign has only 3 days left at the time of this article, so be quick if you want to be part of the fun!


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring these projects as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. Be sure to stop by next week for another crop of crowdfunding’s finest.  In the meantime, take care and get gaming!