What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter? - Adventure Edition!

This week I’ve selected three amazing adventure games from Kickstarter and Gamefound to excite and delight you, unless you hate adventure, in which case you may want to check out some of the previous Kickstarter blogs to see what else is on offer. As for me, I think I’m quite ready for another adventure...


Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread by Far Off Games - Kickstarter

There are a host of large, open world adventure board games hitting the market these days. To get noticed, a new game needs to bring something special to the party.  Far Off Games, the creators of Xia: Legends of a Drift System, may have what it takes. Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread is a 1-4 player open world action adventure game set in a world filled with fantastical creatures, terrifying monsters and hardy adventurers. There are several key features that put Arydia on my radar.  Having a game filled with miniatures is nothing new, but the ability to customise those minis and have them all pre-painted out of the box is a first as far as I’m aware (let me know if I’m wrong though, I like that), the game itself offers a wide range of options for exploration and discovery. Adventures in Arydia takes place in macro and micro form. 

The macro exploration takes place on a  vast, richly detailed world map, players turn over explored hexagonal sections of the map as they go, revealing new locations such as wilderness areas, towns and dungeons.  Each of those regions can be further explored on a micro level when players break out their customised minis and use dungeon tiles to interact with townsfolk, explore dungeons and other points of interest and do battle with a multitude of enemies. Arydia: The Paths We Dare Tread is also fully saveable, so leaving the story mid-adventure to set the table for dinner shouldn’t pose a problem. Another innovative touch I like is the combat system.  Rather than numbers, the custom dice depict slot locations on your character, such as left arm, legs, head etc.  If that area is armoured or defended, you’re protected, otherwise you risk injury to unprotected areas. This adds a certain dynamism to battles and causes you to think strategically about your character’s equipment.  There’s a lot more content and features on offer than what’s been covered here, so I recommend you check out the campaign page to see if this is the game for you!


Lands Of Galzyr by Snowdale Design - Gamefound

Lands of Galzyr is a 1-4 player storybook driven adventure board game from Snowdale Design that presents a critter-based spin on the storybook adventure genre. One key difference here is the storybook is completely digital. While many folks have mixed feelings about digitally assisted board games, this is a case where it makes sense.  The developers see the digital book as not only a way to make the base game cheaper, it allows them to update the book at any time with additional content, errata, or even story updates based on player feedback. The game itself has the players taking on the role of one of four unique animal characters and exploring a huge open world.  Speaking of the world, the game takes place on a fully realised double sided game board offering seasonal shifts during your adventures. 

As is the case with most games of this type, saving is presented as a core function and one that has been integrated well into the final design. Most games these days need a hook to reel in their core audience, Lands of Galzyr is no different, one feature that stands out are the radial skill wheels where players plug in coloured markers to indicate each character’s areas of expertise.  In an age where dark and gritty seems to be the norm, it's a pleasant change of pace to see a game that presents as so unashamedly joyful, embracing its woodland fairytale undertones and emoting that by way of its components. The usual standard and deluxe versions are on offer and there are many stretch goals yet to come, so while the campaign is still in its early days, there’s plenty of time to wait and see if this project tells the kind of story you want to take part in. 


Legend Academy by El Dorado Games - Gamefound

This next entry from El Dorado Games is a 1-4 player deck building, card crafting worker placement adventure game which takes place at Legend Academy, a Hogwarts-adjacent school where currently unknown future heroes study to be the stuff of legend they are destined to become. Legend Academy presents four playable characters, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice (of the Wonderland persuasion), Paul Bunyan, and Robin Hood.  These four asymmetric characters each have their own powers and abilities that players can discover throughout the game by choosing a famous storybook, such as The Wizard of Oz or Treasure Island, and embarking on  adventures through that tale. 

Characters begin relatively weak and unsure of themselves but as their powers and experience grow, so too do their legends until they become powerhouses worthy of their names. Featuring beautifully crafted miniatures and delightful storybook art, these characters are brought to life. The overall feel of the game reminds me of Restoration Games’ recent foray into Unmatched, where characters from popular culture are thrown together into a fight soup and left to battle it out, the difference here is that Legend Academy is heavily story driven and characters gradually progress their abilities as the story advances. There’s been much buzz and anticipation regarding Legend Academy as evidenced by the fact the crowdfunding campaign met its target in only two hours. Be sure to check this one out!


That’s all for this week folks, hope you found these worth looking into.  If you know of any games you’d like to see featured in a future blog, by all means, let me know in the comments below or email me at Brian@gamekings.co.nz. Until next time, live happily ever after!