What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter? 6th September, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome back to a brand new week!  I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and that the lockdown hasn’t worn you too thin.  Today I’m bringing you three new games from both the Kickstarter and Gamefound crowdfunding platforms.  There are some great titles coming out in the near future, and these are just a taste of what’s to come.


Black Rose Wars: Rebirth - Kickstarter

First up this week is Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, a 1-4 player competitive deck building strategy game where mages battle to become the Supreme Magister while also trying to rebuild the Lodge and fulfil the desires of the Black Rose.  Rebirth is the next chapter in the Black Rose Wars series.  This version contains updated components and tightens the rules of the original game.  Featuring dozens of finely detailed minis, hundreds of cards, and updated artwork and graphic design elements, if you’re new to the Black Rose Wars series, then this is an ideal entry point. If however you own the classic version, there’s probably not enough here to entice you into paying so much for what amounts to a 1.5 version of what you already have, but I recommend heading over to the Kickstarter page to decide for yourself. It’s certainly tempting!


Mythic Mischief - Gamefound

Mythic Mischief is a 1-4 player asymmetric strategy game which takes place in the confines of the Mythic Manor library.  Players each take control of a unique faction of students vying for control of the library while trying to avoid the Tomekeeper.  Using grid based puzzle elements, players determine where the Tomekeeper is likely to move in order to outmaneuver him. Using their wiles, and their magical abilities, the students can manipulate elements of the library to avoid their nemesis or to place another faction’s students in his way. The game takes place over two phases, before and after lunch.  A charming game filled with theme and rocking some familiar Harry Potter vibes, this is a great choice for a casual game night. The minis and components suit the tone and are appropriately comical in nature, while the game itself opens itself up for light hearted fun or deep strategy.  An excellent addition to any gamer’s shelf.


Down We Go - Gamefound

As an old school role-player myself I can appreciate the nostalgia factor in older style RPGs, Down We Go presents itself as a rules lite old school styled RPG set in Infinopolis, a city built over a seemingly infinite dungeon that the city itself relies upon for its enrichment. Adventurers delve ever deeper into the twisted depths and hope to find the next great treasure to help change the face of the city above. A great concept wrapped in a simple D20 and D6 rules system, this campaign on Gamefound is sure to attract many gamers with a desire to relive the glory days.  The campaign even offers a fantastic 80’s style synth album… on a cassette tape!  Remember those? Talk about burying the lead, they should have opened with that!  Not that I have any way to listen to it though. Still, if you’re looking for a great modern spin on classic RPGs Down We Go looks set to provide!

So ends another look at some of the best Kickstarter and Gamefound projects running right now.  I wish I could back them all, but such is not to be.  Does anything in today’s haul take your interest? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below to head over to our Game Kings Gamers Fcebook group and join in the amazing community we have there!  Until next time, take care and play everything all the time!