What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter? 30th August 2021

This week I bring you two quality offerings from the Kickstarter realm, the first is a climate based board game from an up and coming game developer, while the second is a powerhouse RPG worthy of legend!  


Earth Rising

Earth Rising is a 1-6 player cooperative board game in which players are researching and transitioning the world into sustainable practices in order to reverse and eventually recover from the effect of climate change.  The game takes place over a 20 year period during which time players will need to not only gradually change the way people, corporations and governments think about the planet but put these methods into action. A task made more difficult by adversities such as mass deregulation, coal and oil lobbyists, public perception and other challenges that threaten to set back all their hard work.

Designer Laurie Blake of Stop, Drop and Roll Games has provided a thoughtfully researched game based in reality and offering solutions and methods that are within our reach. The Kickstarter campaign offers a Digital Educator Pack  in which teachers or parents can purchase the information and research used in the game and includes lesson plans. A noble pursuit and an ambitious project!


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game

I’ve never watched Avatar. Like, at all!  Yeah, I know it’s on Netflix, I’ll get to it okay? Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game looks set to be the RPG all Avatar fans have been waiting for.  And the Kickstarter campaign would seem to reflect that. Backed by a staggering 62,000 backers and fast approaching $11 million, Avatar Legends is a top notch production! The game allows players the chance to explore the world of Aang and Korra by putting yourself in the robes of one of a large number of player archetypes, from benders and martial artists to technologists and swordsmen.

Players can choose which era they’d like to play in as well, from Kyoshi through to Korra’s eras, each provides their own flavour based on the critical events of those eras. The Kickstarter campaign offers up a host of rewards for the discerning roleplayer, including alternative covers, digital rewards, custom dice, maps and other goodies.  The campaign has only three days left to run so now’s the time to back!


Thanks for joining me to explore this week’s Kickstarter projects, there are a lot more up and coming so check back next week for another cache of gaming goodness! Until then, why not stop by the Game Kings Gamers group on Facebook to share your Kickstarter thoughts or experiences! Take care!