What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter? 23 August 2021

Hey everyone!  I hope you’re all staying safe and well in your bubbles this week? Let me help you take your mind off certain Delta variants who shall remain unnamed and focus on what’s really important… games and other stuff related to games! This week Kickstarter offers up three new products to entice you.  Let’s take a look!


WILD: Serengeti by Bad Comet

This first entry is from a small company called Bad Comet, their latest title currently on Kickstarter is WILD: Serengeti a 1-4 player set collecting, engine building puzzle game in which players are filming the wondrous wildlife of the Serengeti in an attempt to capture footage and create the perfect nature documentary. Using gorgeous, silk screened animeeples and a 3D Rock of Ages, the game conjures images of Everdell, which also uses animeeples and a 3D tree at it’s centre. 

Positioning animals to compose the perfect shot is one of the key strategies here and players can employ the aid of various specialists to improve their work. The board itself brings images of nature documentaries to life, with sun dried grass and a snaking river bookended by a steep rock face and copses of trees.  The campaign on Kickstarter looks set to unlock a plethora of stretch goals, so now’s the time to check it out and see if it’s one to add to the shelves!


The Hexagonal Gaming System by Wyrmwood

In the world of board gaming, few accessories are so coveted, so craved as quality board game bowls.  Okay, so perhaps that’s not entirely true, but certainly gamers do love to trick out their gaming tables with custom accessories.  Enter the Hexagonal Gaming System by Wyrmwood, live now on Kickstarter! These custom components aren’t limited to just bowls and dice trays, here you’d find a multitude of functions from card holders and tracking dials, to coasters and bottle openers.

Crafted from a generous choice of wood styles and using magnets to hold the interlocking trays in place the Hexagonal Gaming System allows players to customise their set up to suit each game experience. Now they just need to work on that awkward name. They’re hexagons and they’re versatile, so how about Hexatiles? I accept cheques (remember those?) and bank transfers, Wyrmwood, you’re welcome.


Deep Space D-6: The Long Way Home RPG Gamebook 2nd Edition by Tau Leader Games

With recent events it’s comforting to know that solo gaming experiences seem to be getting their due attention. Deep Space D-6: The Long Way Home is a single player role playing game (RPG) influenced by the old Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. The game box is even designed with those games in mind.  In The Long Way Home, the player is piloting their ship through deep space facing a range of threats and events to challenge their brave crew.  Using a dice rolling system, players must manage these challenges in an attempt to complete their mission.

The game includes multiple story lines and a selection of four different ships to choose from each with unique layouts and abilities. Set up is quick and easy and the game flows quickly, meaning you can get into the action without breaking a sweat. If you’re looking to relive the adventure games of your youth or, if you’re coming to this style of game for the first time, The Long Way Home looks set to be a fun experience with just the right touch of nostalgia to appeal to a wide audience.  The game is a challenge, so don’t be fooled, it’s going to take the right stuff to survive this deep space adventure. Do you have what it takes, like a gun or a spaceship, or some kind of spaceship gun? Check out the Kickstarter page here!


That’s it for this week folks.  If you know of any cool gaming related crowdfunding projects you’d like to see featured here drop me a line at Brian@gamekings.co.nz. And remember to join us on our Game Kings Gamers Facebook group and become part of the best board game community New Zealand has to offer!  Hope to see you there.