What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter? 2 August 2021

Hey everybody! This week I have three more fun and imaginative games brought to life by Kickstarter and Gamefound. Check them out below as always, I recommend doing a little research of your own before deciding if these projects are right for you. Let’s get (kick)started!


Prise De Fer by GreenCloakCreative - Kickstarter

My first pick for this week is a fun looking sword fighting card game called Prise De Fer, which loosely translated means “taking the blade” in French. Appropriate to its theme, Prise De Fer is a duelling card game based on the discipline of fencing. Each player has a deck of just 18 cards, from which they draw 7 for each round. The cards depict the various cuts and parries used in fencing and players must select their cards carefully in an attempt to out maneuver their opponent. Once a point is scored, players shuffle the cards back into their decks and redraw for round 2, games end after 5 rounds.

The game appears simple yet elegant, presenting basic principles through which players can find greater challenge and complexity, stylishly emulating the art of fencing itself. While the campaign currently features placeholder art, the intent is to present imagery in the traditional style of renaissance era fencing manuals. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one shapes up. It’s already achieved more than its modest funding goal, so now is a great time to jump on board!


Oros by Aesc Games -  Kickstarter

Oros is a puzzle strategy game involving elements of worker placement, tile-shifting, area-development and action-economy as players take the roles of Demigods guiding their people to higher knowledge by navigating them across islands to the mountain peaks where this knowledge can be gained by building sacred sites of learning and study. Each player has a player board depicting the actions they can use and take turns placing and shifting island tiles, eventually forming the immovable mountains the players need to attain their goals.

Featuring colourful wooden components, silkscreened worker meeples and a clear, crisp graphic design together with a double sided game board, Oros presents an innovative, feature rich experience. As players progress through the game by engaging in spatial puzzles, they emulate the experience of the island dwellers working to earn the knowledge they seek, leaving players feeling duly rewarded for their efforts. Aesc Games offers two flavours, a standard edition and a collector’s edition which includes added tiles and a few other goodies. The campaign is still underway so there are sure to be a few surprises left to unlock before the end!


Divinus by Lucky Duck Games - Gamefound

Being the second game featured today that involves the players taking on the role of a Demigod, you may be forgiven for thinking I have a theme going, but it’s purely coincidental, or is it?  Divinus is a 2-4 player competitive, app-assisted, legacy, strategy game, phew, that was a lot of quantifiers! While digital hybrid games are nothing new these days, Divinus takes the concept in a new direction.  Being a legacy game, players apply permanent stickers to the board, dice and other components as they play, the difference here is that many of these stickers are scannable by the app to reveal new effects or events in the game.

The developers have created their own scannable system the app can recognise, akin to QR codes, but the design here is more appropriate for a board game. Divinus features colourful, well illustrated imagery and the component quality is what we’ve come to expect from larger crowdfunded projects these days, that is to say, high quality, deluxe and plentiful! Check out the campaign on Gamefound to see if this is one that deserves your hard earned cash!


Thanks for joining me for this week’s crowdfunded games, I’ll return next week with another stash of games to delight and amaze, until then, I’d love to hear of any recent games you’ve backed that you’re excited about in the comments below.  See you next time!