What’s Hot This Week on Kickstarter? - 16 August 2021

Welcome back everyone!  This week’s hottest Kickstarter projects features a devastated Earth, alien opportunists, dragons, shops, restaurants, more dragons and some mice!  Sounds like a wild ride this time round.  Let’s see what’s happening in the world of board game crowdfunding!


Excavation Earth: It Belongs in a Museum!

First up this week is a cool new game from Mighty Boards, the creators of Petrichor and Post Human: Saga.  Excavation Earth: It Belongs in a Museum! is a market manipulation and set collection game for 1-4 players in which alien explorers have discovered the ancient ruins of Earth… so, COVID wins?? Being the industrious, materialistic little tykes we are, we of course left the planet littered with the remnants of our vices. Artefacts and junk are abundant and these aliens want a piece of the pie, they descend upon the ruined planet and begin their excavations in order to find treasures to sell on the open market, so perhaps they’re not so different from us after all.

Sorting the junk from the valuables will keep players busy, and completing sets will reap the greatest rewards.  Players attempt to manipulate the market to their advantage, driving up the prices and selling for the highest price they can, causing the value of those goods to drop sharply, leaving the other players scrambling to turn a profit.Featuring a board depicting the shattered remains of human civilisation, the game presents with a wry sense of self-awareness and more than a little irony as the aliens attempt to profit from our downfall. The game has already blasted past its Kickstarter funding goal and Mighty Boards have proven they can deliver, so there’s little risk here.  Invest now before society falls!


Cardboard Alchemy are the creators behind this next project, and while this is only their third project on Kickstarter, Flamecraft look set to be their best yet. Taking place in a world where dragons are a part of life, this 2-4 player game tasks players with becoming flamekeepers, shop owners and artisans who can speak to dragons and incorporate them into their businesses, running bakeries, restaurants, jewellers and other shops and eateries in a world beautifully illustrated by Sandara Tang.

If you could round up all the charm and put it in a board game, Flamecraft would be the result.  The theme of cute, friendly dragons working side by side in this quaint fantasy world is as inviting as a warm fire on a cold winter evening.  Flamecraft is a single worker placement game where players ply their trade, using their dragon’s flames to fuel the fires of their little industries and placing them in shops to gain resources they need to create their works. Featuring multiple stretch goals, including a story book, metal coins, drink coasters and dragon plushies, Flamecraft looks hot!

Wicked & Wise

If you like trick taking games, then perhaps Wicked & Wise by Weird Giraffe Games will be worth your time.  This is a 2-6 player asymmetric team game where one player on the team is the dragon, who is playing the trick taking game and their teammate is the mouse, who is attempting to manipulate the game by changing the tricks to his team’s favour. In cases where there is an uneven number of players, the odd player is the Dual, a mouse who plays for two teams.

Featuring a fanciful art style, Wicked & Wise puts its own spin on the trick taking genre, by having players team up , teams set their own goals and reveal them before the round begins, leading to the opposing team to not only follow their own goals but try to interfere with the other team’s as well.  Teams play their tricks and try to win coins or take treasure after each round, whichever reward the winner doesn’t choose goes to the next team, so even in reward there is strategy to be found. The game lasts for three rounds after which the team with the most coins wins, just like real life! 


Thanks for joining me, did anything here take your interest this week? If so, let me know your favourite Kickstarter project in the comments below, likewise if you know of any great crowdfunded game projects our readers should know about. Until next time, take care and play on!