What’s Hot This Week On Kickstarter? 13th September 2021

Hey everyone!  This week I’ve reeled in three more games from Kickstarter that might just catch your eye.  From world shaking catastrophes to the thrill of fishing, hopefully there’s something here to lure you in.  Yes, there will be fishing jokes!


Agemonia - Kickstarter

Agemonia is a cooperative adventure game from the creators of Eclipse. The world of Agemonia has become ravaged with cataclysmic events; magical storms, earthquakes, tidal surges and more threaten the land.  It is up to the players to work together to become unlikely heroes, saving the world from the brink of destruction. A story driven adventure, players will play through a host of intriguing scenarios while making life changing moral decisions. Story points will trigger new events and decision points for the players, so pick your destiny wisely.

Agemonia promises hours of engaging storytelling in a world of magic, catastrophic events and brave companionship! The Kickstarter page presents tempting options for extras and deluxified components, metals coins, a storybook, Sundrop miniatures and much more await!

Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost - Kickstarter

If the pressure of saving an entire world feels a little above your pay grade, then Dungeons of Infinity: Kingdom Cost may be more your speed.  This 1-5 player dungeon crawler presents players with randomised dungeons to explore, guaranteeing a unique experience with every play through. 

The keyword in Dungeons of Infinity is variety.  Not only do the dungeons change each time, but the gameplay itself can be experienced competitively or cooperatively and in individual scenarios or as an ongoing campaign. Choices abound and adventure awaits!  Check out the Kickstarter page here to see all the various goodies and extras the campaign has to offer!

Tournament Fishing: The Deck Building Game - Kickstarter

Finally, if saving the world or exploring dark endless dungeons just sounds far too exhausting for a weekend, then I invite you to check out Tournament Fishing: The Deck Building Game by TGG. This competitive deck building game challengers anglers (players) to participate in a fishing tournament, beginning with a basic deck of cards and gradually upgrading your tackle, equipment and other fishing accoutrements in order to reel in bigger and better fish. 

If this game sounds familiar that’s because this Kickstarter is for the second edition of the original game released in 2017. This time the gameplay has been tweaked, the components upgraded and other new options are being presented for the discerning angler. Check out the campaign page here!

Thanks for checking out this week’s catch. Let us know if any of this week’s Kickstarter games are keepers, or if you’re going to throw them back and try again next week.  Speaking of which, I’ll be casting my net and trying  to bring in even bigger fish next time! Share your thoughts in the comments below, or join our incredible group of gamers over on our Game Kings Gamers page! See you next Monday for more Kickstarter goodness!